Waklert Review | Benefits, Side Effects, Dosage, and More

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After we reviewed pretty much all versions of Modafinil drug, it is time to move to the generic type of Armodafinil. We are talking about Waklert – a nootropic that many people prefer to brand name Nuvigil, which is very surprising and untypical. If you wonder why that is, what can you expect to get from Waklert, how it works, and what dosage of this smart drug is recommended, stay with us and read the lines below.

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Waklert is a generic version of Armodafinil that has the ability to improve people’s concentration and focus. Also, it works as a wakefulness-promoting agent that can help you get rid of fatigue and daytime drowsiness. Armodafinil drugs are considered to be a bit more powerful and stronger than Modafinil ones, primarily because of their structure (Modafinil contain both R-modafinil and S-modafinil, while Armodafinil is pure R-modafinil kind of smart drug), so Waklert intake can transform you into super focused and highly stimulated individual. 

This nootropic is designed as a medication adequate for treating certain sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea shift work sleep disorder and narcolepsy, but it’s mostly used as a cognitive enhancer and memory improving tool. Waklert is created by India-based manufacturer SUN Pharma, and it has a great reputation. It comes in 150mg dosage, which is a recommended one mostly, and it’s a very well-tolerated smart drug.

Benefits of Waklert

It turns out Waklert is a smart drug of choice for many people. Apparently, a huge number of nootropic lovers prefer Waklert among all other generic versions of Modafinil and Armodafinil drugs. It’s the matter of its potency and its strength. But the benefits it brings in are pretty much the same as the benefits provided by any other drug of this kind.

According to Waklert reviews, this drug has the ability to promote wakefulness, so it can be quite helpful to people who suffer from daytime sleepiness and fatigue. After you take a pill of Waklert you won’t be feeling sleepy at all for the next nine to 12 hours. Besides that, Waklert will enhance and improve your overall productivity, especially your focus and cognition. That’s why this nootropic is being used by students, programmers, CEOs, and other ambitious professionals who have complex tasks in front of them all the time.

Now, even though Waklert is mostly used for its off-label purposes, it is actually made for treating several sleep disorders, and that’s what doctors usually prescribe this drug for. Also, sometimes this pharmaceutical can be used for treating ADHD – Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or for chronic fatigue syndrome and depression.

Waklert Side Effects

It’s absolutely normal to be worried about the side effects of the drug you plan on using for the first time. And even though there is a long list of potential consequences that can follow the consummation of this nootropic, the fact is, situations, where people have to deal with Waklert side effects, are pretty rare.

However, you do need to know what these side effects are and how serious they can be. In most cases, we are talking about headaches, nausea, dizziness, heartburn, anxiety, insomnia, dry mouth, sweating, loss of appetite, nervousness, and diarrhea. 

If you start feeling any of those, you should not be worried because they will not last long and can be easily handled. A more serious side effect can be shortness of breath and depression, and in that case, you should stop using Waklert and seek medical help.

Best Places to Buy Waklert Online

Given the fact that in most countries you can purchase nootropics in pharmacies only with a prescription, the best way to buy Waklert is online. And since this smart drug is super popular among nootropic users, you will be able to find it in most online stores. The fact is, even people who have a prescription tend to purchase this drug online because it’s much cheaper than the brand name Armodafinil you can find in real-life pharmacies. 

But when using online vendors, you need to bear in mind that there are a lot of them who are selling untested and low-quality drugs, which is why you should go only with those trustworthy and reliable ones like Dino Supplies, Buy Moda, and Modafinil XL.

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Modafinil XL

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Dino Supplies

Dino-Supplies logoIf you are living somewhere in Europe or Latin America, your online vendor of choice should definitely be Dino Supplies since this store is willing to ship their drugs all across these continents. They are well-known for their good prices and high-quality nootropics, and they guarantee their delivery. That means that your package will arrive at your address for sure, and if not, you can ask for a free reshipment or full money refund.

Dino Supplies has many payment options, including the usage of Bitcoin cryptocurrency, for which you can always get a 20% discount. The thing most people love about them is the fact they have cheap sample packs, so you can order as little as 30 pills just to see if they are adequate to your needs at first, after which you can place a bigger order. This vendor also has excellent customer support, and their professional but yet friendly staff will always be there to answer all your questions and doubts.

Is Waklert Legal?

If you wonder whether Waklert from SUN Pharma is legal or not, you have come to the right place. We are going to dive into this subject thoroughly and make sure you have no questions or doubts regarding this topic afterward. The matter of the legality of smart drugs is not something we can talk about in general because every country has its own regulations. That’s why it is necessary to check what the law says about this matter in the state you live in before you engage yourself with purchasing this smart drug.

In most western countries, Waklert, like any other generic version of Modafinil or Armodafinil, is considered to be prescription-only medication. That means that it is legal to buy this smart drug only with a note from your doctor that says you can purchase it for the sake of sleep disorder treatment. With that piece of paper you can buy Waklert in any local pharmacy. But in case you don’t have a prescription, you won’t be able to do that because vendors won’t be able to sell it to you that way.

The only thing that’s left for you to do then is to turn to online stores. Now, this is considered to be illegal, but given the fact, there are no reports of anybody ever having problems with law enforcement or being arrested for buying nootropics, you should not have any problems. In most countries, it is not illegal to possess smart drugs for your own usage, so the worst thing that can happen is the customs of your country confiscate the package containing Waklert. But if you purchase it from a vendor who guarantees delivery, you will have zero risks.

Waklert Dosage

The standard dosage of Waklert is 150mg. This drug is packed that way, and most people are recommended to take that dose of this drug in order to enjoy all its benefits. 

If you used Modafinil previously, you probably know that this nootropic is usually consumed in 200mg doses, which means Waklert, as a generic version of Armodafinil, is a bit stronger drug. However, there are two other options you can go with:

  • 75mg is the dosage recommended for smart drug beginners who need to be focused on their tasks and fully concentrated for the next six to nine hours. It will stimulate your brain enough for you to finish with your assignments, but you will still be able to sleep at night.
  • 150mg is the standard dosage of Waklert. It will provide you with the outstanding benefits of this nootropic, and you will be able to ride on it for the next 10 to 12 hours. Your productivity will be on top with Waklert 150mg.
  • 300mg is not a recommended dosage of Waklert, especially if you are not an experienced, smart drug user. It will overstimulate your brain and won’t allow you to fall asleep for the next 20 hours, so you should think twice before taking 300mg of Waklert.

Whatever dosage you decide to go for, you should take Waklert in the early morning hours, so your body has enough time to process it until it’s time for bed. Only that way, you won’t be having problems with insomnia. It is recommended to use this nootropic only once to three times a week because otherwise, you may develop tolerance issues.

How Long Does it Take to Work?

Our bodies are different, and when using smart drugs, you cannot expect them to react all the same. In most cases, when taking Waklert, it will be about an hour before the drug starts kicking in. Sometimes it can be less than that, but sometimes it will take a bit longer, around two hours. 

Once the Waklert starts working, you will be able to experience all its benefits for the next nine to 12 hours. It has a shorter half-life than Modafinil because Waklert works through the body a bit faster. Given that it has a purer form that Modafinil, it’s a bit stronger, which is why you should take only 150mg if you are used to consuming 200mg of Modafinil.

Waklert vs. Artvigil

If you are wondering who will get out of the Waklert vs. Artvigil fight as a winner, we are not really sure. The fact is both of these nootropics will provide you with pretty much the same benefits, including up to 12 hours of undeniable focus and concentration, great memory retention, high alertness, and overall great performance and productivity boost. 

We are talking about two generic versions of Armodafinil that are equally available at online vendors. But Waklert is a bit stronger than Artvigil, at least according to Waklert 150 reviews. It’s super cheap if you compare its price to the one of the brand name Nuvigil, but Artvigil is even less expensive than Waklert.

The Verdict?

There is no doubt that Waklert is marked as the number one generic version of Armodafinil, and with a reason. It’s very potent and powerful, it’s way more affordable than Nuvigil, and it’s built from the same active ingredients. Given that it’s very popular, you can find Waklert online, in most smart drug stores. It’s just very important to choose your vendor carefully and to make sure it’s trustworthy, so you don’t end up with some sort of Waklert low-quality replica.