Modaheal Review | Benefits, Downsides, and More

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There are many companies that began trying to produce high-quality generic Modafinil as soon as the patent Cephalon Inc. had on this medication had expired. Healing Pharma is one of them, and they came up with Modaheal. 

This generic version of Modafinil was presented to potential consumers in 2017, so it’s a pretty new addition to the collection of Modafinil drugs available for purchasing. 

In the lines below, we are going to explain what Modaheal is, how it works, what are its benefits and side effects, and everything else you may find being important regarding this subject and this specific medication.

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Modaheal is a generic version of Modafinil created by the Healing Pharma – company based in Mumbai, India. As we previously mentioned, it’s quite a new drug given it was released only three years ago, so there are not many reviews of its performance and effects it can bring in people who use it on a regular basis. What we do know is that Modaheal is a round shape pill that comes in 200mg and 100mg doses, just like most other Modafinil drugs. 

Even though Modafinil is primarily used for narcolepsy and other sleep disorders treatments, Modaheal is marked mainly for its off-label usage that includes a wakefulness-promoting agenda and enhancement of cognitive skills. Healing Pharma is known as a company that produces good quality generic drugs you can purchase for affordable prices.

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Modaheal’s Side Effects and Cautions

Research that was conducted on the effect of Modafinil drugs was based only on its usage for treating sleep disorders like narcolepsy. There are only a few of them that were based on off-label usage of this nootropic, so if you are consuming it for the purpose of increasing the level of your focus, alertness, and motivation, you need to take this into consideration.

Generally speaking, Modaheal, just like any other generic Modafinil drug, can cause some light or more serious side effects, even though that’s very rare. We are mostly talking about insomnia, nausea, dizziness, headache, anxiety, dry mouth, dehydration, or diarrhea. But the truth is, these side effects can be dealt with easily, and they will not last for a long time. However, it can happen for people who are regularly using Modafinil to experience chest pain, increased blood pressure, skin rash, or difficulty breathing, and in that case, it is essential for them to seek emergency help and stop consuming this medication.

Bear in mind that you can avoid facing some of these side effects by simply doing certain things. For instance, if you drink enough water every day, around three liters, you probably won’t face dehydration or dry mouth, and if you take Modaheal early in the morning, you won’t experience insomnia, given the drug will be effective for around 12 hours, right upon the moment, you will be ready to go to bed.

Benefits of Modaheal

Modaheal red packageAs a generic version of the brand name Modafinil, Modaheal will give you the same benefits as any other drug that belongs to this category. Modaheal can be prescribed for treating symptoms caused by narcolepsy, SWD, OSA, or sometimes even ADHD. How often doctors tend to recommend Modaheal per se, we don’t know, mainly because this is a relatively new drug in the market. But the fact is, the effects of Modafinil in these matters are outstanding and truly helpful.

But Modaheal can be used for some other reasons too. It is a well-known fact Modafinil drugs have the ability to increase the level of a person’s performance by enhancing his cognitive skills, his mood, and his memory retention. That’s the reason why Modaheal is used by many students and professionals who have complex work tasks in front of them. Besides that, it can relieve you from feeling daytime drowsiness and fatigue.

Where to Buy Modaheal Online?

Since Modaheal is defined as a prescription-only medication in most countries, you will be able to purchase it in local pharmacies only if you have a doctor’s note that allows you to do that. In every other case, you can buy it only online, through smart drug vendors. 

When it comes to this matter, you need to check what is the legal status of Modafinil in your country, and is it safe to purchase it from over-the-border online stores. Given there are so many of these pharmacies at your disposal, it is important to do the research and pick only those you believe are reliable and trustworthy – places that ship only high-quality smart drugs that are tested for safety. 

We are now going to recommend two of them:

Buy Moda

buy moda logoAccording to Modaheal reviews, you can purchase this smart drug at Buy Moda online platform. They are an online pharmacy that’s part of this business for years now, and they are known to be the cheapest nootropic seller in the world.

They have nothing but quality Modafinil on their shelves, and they are willing to ship it to you for a more than a reasonable price. They as well guarantee their delivery, with reshipment and refund as available options if something goes wrong.

When it comes to delivery, you can expect this drug to be at your doorstep within several days to several weeks, depending on where you are and where the package is being sent from, but in general, they do provide fast shipping. Their customer service is available to all their users 24/7, every day during the entire year, which says a lot about their professionalism.

Modafinil XL

modafinil xl vendor logoModafinil XL is a quite popular online vendor because of several reasons. The first one is the fact they are willing to ship their products worldwide, and the second reason lies in the fact they have great quality nootropics that can be bought for a reasonable price.

Now, they are not the cheapest online pharmacy, but they do offer quite generous discounts, so you can save a lot of money if you stick with them. Modafinil XL guarantees their delivery, so you will most definitely get a package from them, or you will be offered with reshipment or full refund.

Their customer service is excellent and run by professional but friendly experts who will give you the answer to any question you might have. You will be offered several payment methods, and if you choose to go with Bitcoin cryptocurrency, you will be given a 20% discount. Also, you will see that Modafinil XL has sample offers available for the cost of shipping fees, so you will be able to order as little as 30 pills to see if their Modafinil does the work for you.

Who Makes Modaheal? Are They Reliable?

Modaheal is made by an India based company called Healing Pharma. They were founded three years ago, and from then up until today, they managed to manufacture and release a great number of generic drugs that can be bought for a reasonable amount of money. They are selling antibiotics, painkillers, antivirals, weight loss medication, men’s health medication, skin care products, anti-smoking medications, etc.

According to them, quality control of their products is Healing Pharma’s top priority and one of their core values. But whether that’s only on a paper claim or they genuinely live by it, we cannot say with certainty you expect. They are a young company that needs time to showcase its true colors, so we suppose we will figure them out in the near future.

Alternatives to Modaheal

If you wonder what would be a good substitute for Modaheal, what other generic versions of Modafinil would be the best alternative, we can say those are Vilafinil and Modvigil. At least when we compare their effectiveness and their strength. They all belong to the moderate power generic Modafinil category, and you can expect them all to have similar mechanisms of action, the same effect profile, as well as the same duration time. 

When it comes to how much they cost, we have to say that by looking at the offers from several online vendors, we could conclude they are pretty equal in this matter as well. It’s interesting that there are accusations of conspiracy at the moment that are based on the claim Modaheal and Vilafinil are actually the same drugs. Some people believe Modaheal is nothing more but a new and rebranded version of Vilafinil, but those statements were not confirmed to be true.

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The Verdict?

If you were not familiar with what Modaheal is, now you know that we are talking about a generic version of Modafinil made by a new company based in India. It is a smart drug that can increase your performance level by stimulating your cognitive skills and by helping you to get rid of fatigue, but it is primarily made for treating symptoms of several serious sleep disorders. 

Based on the fact this nootropic is very fresh and new in the market, there are not many reviews we can use to create a general and reliable opinion about the quality and effectiveness of this medication. The public website of the company doesn’t tell us much, so we need to wait and see what will come out on the surface.