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Modafinil and Weight Loss: What Should You Know?

You have probably read a lot of things on the Internet about Modafinil and weight loss. You are not the only one and it’s perfectly normal for you to have questions regarding this topic. But, is there anything to it, other than mere rumors and clickbait headlines? Well, let’s find out.

Before we get into the details, it’s important to make clear what Modafinil actually is. Modafinil is also known as a “eugeroic” or a wakefulness promoting agent.

What does this mean?

To put it plainly, this drug can suppress the human body’s natural need for sleep. Yes, something like coffee, but a little bit better.

It is also known to provide people with better cognitive abilities like better focus, heightened energy levels, and sustained concentration for hours.

People who have used this drug for a long period of time claim that they experienced these benefits:

  • Greater ability to process and retain information
  • Reduction of fatigue
  • Better focus
  • Higher levels of motivation

This is why a lot of people, especially young students, use this drug to help them study, prepare for exams, or simply accomplish any goal they set.

However, can Modafinil really cause weight loss?

The answer is yes, but not in a way you might expect. It’s a bit complicated, so let us explain.

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As you figured out, this drug is not meant for weight loss, at least not originally. Its sole purpose is to help people study and work better, and to keep them motivated. This begs the question – how can it then help people lose weight? Here’s how.

To understand how this drug may help you with this secondary purpose, you first need to know how people lose weight in general. It all comes down to calorie intake.

When you consume more calories than you burn during the day, you gain weight. Also, when you consume fewer calories than you burn, you lose weight. It’s that simple.

If your body doesn’t have fresh energy to use, it will start using the fat reserves and you will experience fat loss. But, what does this have to do with Modafinil?

Considering the fact that this is not a diet pill, it has to contribute to weight loss in a different way. In a study conducted back in 2008, scientists found that a daily Modafinil dose of 400g managed to decrease the average caloric intake during one day by a stunning 38%.

Not only that, but it also decreased the perception of hunger among the test subjects.

Now, even though scientists didn’t manage to determine the difference between test subjects who used the real drug Modafinil and the ones who used a placebo, they considered a few Modafinil weight loss theories and discovered a couple of ways this drug can help with this agenda.

Here are some of them.

Modafinil Increases The Production Of Orexin And Histamine

Why is this important?

Well, Orexin and Histamine are neurotransmitters whose purpose is to regulate appetite. The fact that Modafinil increases the production of those neurotransmitters means that the person who is taking the drug will, at some point, experience appetite suppression.

As you know, suppressed appetite is one of the best ways to reduce caloric intake, thus it allows a person to lose a few pounds.

Modafinil Increases Dopamine Production

This wakefulness promoting agent has the ability to increase dopamine secretion. This results in better motivation and helps people to get through difficult tasks, like diets, for example.

Also, being motivated allows people to stick to their workout routines and work on their bodies. There’s no need to explain how this is related to weight loss.

These are the two indirect ways this “studying aid” can help people get in better shape.

However, some scientists believe that there is one more way this drug can contribute to weight loss. Here’s the explanation.

Other Positive Side Effects Of The Drug

People who use Modafinil usually experience drastic improvements in their cognitive abilities. One of those benefits is being able to retain focus for 8 to 12 hours.

Most people spend this time studying or working, and they simply forget to eat during that time. Forgetting to eat a meal at the usual time slot means that the person will experience a caloric deficit.

In a way, this is like fasting, but for a shorter period of time. Plenty of Modafinil users claim that this is the way they managed to lose weight while taking this drug.

Also, men and women who are taking Modafinil experience an increase in energy in their bodies. Some of them use this energy to study or work for a longer time, but some of them use it to be physically active. They go for a run or a walk without even being aware of the fact that they crave exercise.

This activity is what helps them to burn calories and lose a few pounds.

The bottom line is this – the wakefulness promoting agent doesn’t directly induce weight loss, but it can indirectly help you to burn more calories and fat reserves in order to get thinner. The drug doesn’t target calories and fat reserves like the diet pills do, but it provides you with a number of cognitive benefits and surges of energy you can use to change your habits and be more active during the day.

Modafinil has a subtle way of making you move, work, and study more, and those activities will, eventually, result in weight loss.

The conclusion is this – Modafilin can help you to lose weight, but it won’t do that on its own. You still have to follow lifestyle habits like exercising on a regular basis and eating healthy every single day of the week in order for this drug to work.

Modafinil And Drugs Used To Treat Mental Health Issues

Drugs like Clozapine have been on the market for a long time. We have to be thankful for this because those medications are allowing people with mental disorders to function and have normal lives.

Clozapine is a drug used to treat people with schizophrenia and it’s one of the best drugs on the market for this purpose.

However, Clozapine has one negative side effect – men and women who use it usually gain weight. For most people dealing with mental illnesses, this is a secondary problem, but it could cause other health issues.

However, scientists discovered that patients tend to lose weight when they take Modafinil with Clozapine. Also, one study showed that patients lose weight when taking Modafinil with an antipsychotic drug called Olanzapine.

There are plenty of examples where the administration of the drug Modafilin with other meds for mental health issues causes weight loss, but the fact is that there is no definitive answer as to whether or not this brings results.

In fact, there is a study conducted back in 2008 that gave scientists questionable results, to say the least. The study showed that the test subjects who took Modafinil with their atypical antipsychotic meds lost body weight, but the difference between the patients’ baseline weight and their weight after 3 months of the study was not noticeably different from the results scientists got from patients taking placebo drugs.

In other words, this left scientists with inconclusive results regarding this matter.

Should You Use Modafinil For Weight Loss Purposes?

This is probably the question most people came here for. Well then, is it okay for a person to use this drug for weight loss purposes?

The short answer is – yes. Using nootropics for weight loss is not something new or unheard of. There is nothing wrong with it, per se, but, as we said, just taking Modafinil pills won’t get the job done.

This is not a diet pill, therefore, it won’t help you lose weight unless you change your daily habits and start living a healthier life.

Here are some of the recommended things you should do when taking Modafinil, if you want to lose a few pounds.

  • Scientists recommend that you eat a decent breakfast before you take the drug for the day. The main reason for this is the fact that you will lose your appetite and you probably won’t eat anything for the rest of your day. Or at least until the drug wears off. This, of course, is not healthy and in order to provide your body with enough energy, you must eat well for breakfast.
  • If you are practicing intermittent fasting, then simply stick to your schedule and you will be fine. If you have any doubts, make sure to consult your nutritionist.
  • This drug is known for its ability to dehydrate the body. This means you should drink at least 2 liters of water on the days you decide to take Modafinil.

There are other things you should consider before using this drug for weight loss purposes. For example, factors that will determine how much weight you will lose while taking Modafinil are – dosage, drugs that might counteract Modafinil, the time span during which you are using the drug, and, of course, your genetics.

Possible Side Effects Of Using Modafinil For Weight Loss Purposes

As we already stated, Modafinil is a wakefulness promoting agent. This means it helps people stay awake for longer periods of time and improves their cognitive abilities. However, it does this at a certain cost.

Like any other drug, Modafinil also has its side effects. Those side effects appear when a person is taking the drug for too long or simply taking too much of it on a daily basis.

The most common health issues related to this drug are increased blood pressure and heart rate. Therefore, if you want to avoid those health issues, you have to know how to take Modafinil properly.

In other words, you have to know the appropriate dosage. Doctors and experts claim that the daily dosage of Modafinil shouldn’t exceed 400g. Considering the fact that Modafinil is packed in 100g tablets, that’s 4 tablets a day.

If you get the appropriate Modafinil dosage, body weight loss will likely occur. This will help you to reduce food intake and it will keep you awake for longer periods of time. You will lose a couple of pounds and you will stay motivated to exercise and learn.

When it comes to other side effects, there are none. However, if you have other health issues and you are taking other medications, you should definitely consult your doctor before you start using Modafinil.

Final Thoughts

It’s time to summarize what we have learned today. The most important thing you have to know about Modafinil is the fact that this is not a diet pill. We’ve said that already, but the terminology here is crucial. Modafinil is a wakefulness promoting agent or, in other words, a study aid. It helps people to stay awake and it keeps them motivated to get things done.

The main purpose of this drug is to improve cognitive abilities in people. It does this by providing them with better focus and the ability to retain more information than usual. How exactly can this drug help you to lose weight? Here’s how.

Considering the main purpose of Modafinil, it’s safe to say that this drug simply distracts you from eating too much food. It sounds silly, but it’s the truth. It doesn’t matter if you are a student who needs to pass their exams, a working person who is trying to perform better on the job, or an athlete who is craving better motivation, Modafinil will help you achieve your goals and through those achievements, it will indirectly help you lose weight. If you manage your expectations properly, you won’t get disappointed by this drug.

Also, if you plan on taking this drug on a regular basis, you should consult a trusted doctor. Even though we already said that side effects and potential implications are, in most cases, mild, you shouldn’t leave anything to chance.

This is especially important if you are currently taking some drugs as part of a certain treatment. Your health should be your priority. Don’t put it at risk for the sake of some short-term life goals. Use the drug responsibly and it will help you to be a better and more successful person.


Truth be told, it’s very rare for Modafinil to not be working on people. It is a reliable, powerful and very potent nootropic great majority of people can count on. However, there are exceptions and those special cases when individuals simply do not respond to it. 

We made sure to present all the reasons why, as well as potential solutions to the problem, which should be helpful. The most important is to buy Modafinil from a reliable vendor, to be careful not to use a poor-quality drug, not to mix it with other supplements and medications, and to pay attention to its dosage.

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