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Modafinil Not Working? Learn the Reason Why and How to Fix it

Even though a huge number of people swear by Modafinil and its effects, it turns out that some of them are somehow immune to it. This can happen to newly Modafinil users, but it is more often to regular nootropic users whose bodies are already well used to this specific drug.

But let us remind you that this scenario is very rare due to the fact Modafinil is one of the world’s most powerful and most potent smart drugs.

Now, we made sure to explain very thoroughly the reasons why Modafinil doesn’t work in certain situations and to offer you some tricks you may use in order to avoid that from happening. Just stay with us and continue reading.

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Let’s start from the basics and remind ourselves what this nootropic actually is and what we can expect from it. Modafinil is mostly used by ambitious professionals who want to increase their performance level or by college students who need to pass their exams, but the truth is this drug was designed for treating symptoms of several sleep disorders – obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder.

Now, scientists have come to a conclusion that this nootropic works magic when it comes to our cognitive skills since it can and will significantly increase our focus, concentration, memory retention, our motivations and even our mood. But the trick is, in most countries, Modafinil is a prescription-only medication, so you cannot get it for these sorts of reasons. That, of course, won’t stop nootropic enthusiasts from getting to it the other way around, like through some online channels and online pharmacies.

The way Modafinil works is yet unknown, which can be a bit scary. Its full mechanism of action is not familiar to scientists at this point, but they have proven that it is safe when used the recommended way and by healthy individuals. Also, it is well known that Modafinil increases levels of dopamine and histamine in our brain. Sometimes, it’s also used for ADHD patients, and it showed some great results in that matter.

Getting Modafinil

Since Modafinil is extremely hard to get the legal way, when used for its off-label purposes, we recommend buying it the modern way – via the Internet. That way, you will avoid going to several physician appointments and being subjected to extended testing and analysis. Besides, buying Modafinil online is perfectly legal, so you won’t be having any problems with the law, and it can even be cheaper.

We are referring to medication that has low abuse potential, the one that’s not addictive in general, but in most Western countries, it is classified as a controlled substance. However, there are some countries where you can purchase it in any local store, but you should wonder whether or not it is a tested and high-quality product you are buying.

Anyways, if you wonder how to buy Modafinil online, we can tell you that it’s very simple. You just need to find a reliable Modafinil vendor to leave your details and wait for your package to arrive. Most of them will guarantee their delivery, which means either you will get your package or you will be sent a full money refund, so there is no risk. Also, their prices are lower than those in stores, and trusted vendors have nothing but the best generic versions of Modafinil.

What if Modafinil is not working for some?

Is Modafinil not working for you? There are several reasons why that happens, and they are divided into two categories – one is a category of new users, and the other one is a category of long-term users. 


  • Low-quality nootropic

The main problem might be the fact you bought and used Modafinil that’s of poor quality, one of those unknown generic versions you don’t know what to expect. That’s why you always need to go to the reliable and trustworthy vendor who has nothing but tested and good Modafinil in their offer. Besides the fact you may end up with a scam drug with these unreliable sellers, there is a possibility you will use inactive or expired Modafinil pills.


With this sort of problem, you can really fix anything. Sure, you can find someone to test the pills you have and see if that’s the problem, but it will be a waste of your time and money. Instead, you can order a new batch from a reliable vendor and compare the effect.

  • Low dosage

The other issue with new users may be the low and insufficient dosage of Modafinil you took. Usually, people will take a 100 or 200 mg pill, depending on how long they want to be stimulated, but if you start with 50 mg, which is recommended for beginners, it can happen you experience none of the expected effects because it’s simply not enough to stimulate your body. Larger people may even feel that way with 200 mg, there are no rules.


If you don’t think you are being affected by Modafinil, you should consider taking the bigger dosage. If you are an average person and you took a 50 or 100 mg pill, it could be that your body didn’t get a dosage big enough for it to be working. So the next time, go with a bigger dosage or switch to Armodafinil which is considered to be a bit stronger version of Modafinil.

  • Genetic polymorphisms

When we talk about genetic polymorphisms, we refer to the unique variations of some particular gene that affects our hair or eye color, for instance, but also several other functions in our body. It can happen that genetic polymorphisms define the way we metabolize some drugs, so some people seem to be immune to alcohol or caffeine, as an example, while others will be affected by these stimulants super easy and fast. It can be the same with Modafinil.


You noticed that Modafinil has no effect on you, and you are wondering if this is the reason? In case it is, you should know that there is no way you can change anything because we cannot change our genes. But you can try using this nootropic with supplements that slow down the metabolism, like some plant extracts that can affect the way our liver metabolizes substances. Now, this is something you will be doing at your own risk. You can try with bacon monnieri, grapefruit juice, or with berberine-containing plants.

  • Other compounds

The last reason Modafinil is not forking for new users is because of its interactions with other drugs, food or supplements. For instance, most people take their supplements together in the morning, which leads to them dissolving at the same time and possibly neutralizes one another before they even get to the bloodstream. It’s the same with Modafinil that has up to 65% of the absorption rate. You should know that compounds that definitely neutralize Modafinil are insulin, cellulose, black tea, green tea, slippery elm bark, fibre supplements, marshmallow mucilage, etc.


If you are wondering how to make Modafinil work better and avoid this scenario, you can simply take this nootropic one hour before or after you consume other supplements. By that time, most of them will be already absorbed or moved away from the digestive tract. The general recommendation is to take a Modafinil pill in the early morning hours, before breakfast, and to consult with your doctor before mixing it with any other pharmaceutical.


  • Drug tolerance

Even though all these previously mentioned reasons may be relevant to long-term Modafinil users as well, the most common problem with people who use this nootropic for quite some time is drug tolerance. Now, a lot of studies have reported that Modafinil does not produce tolerance, but in reality, it’s pretty often that Modafinil users, those who are on it regularly, develop tolerance to it. That’s why we need to consider this factor and to bear in mind that it is possible that our organism gets immune to Modafinil.


As you know, tolerance to any drug will develop after you take it nonstop, continuously, so that your body becomes too familiar with it and simply stops responding. In order to make sure that doesn’t happen, you should take a break from using Modafinil from time to time. That means you shouldn’t use it at all for a couple of days at least, but it would be better to take a longer break, like a month. The experts suggest taking Modafinil only three times per week, not more, in order to prevent this from happening.


Truth be told, it’s very rare for Modafinil to not be working on people. It is a reliable, powerful and very potent nootropic great majority of people can count on. However, there are exceptions and those special cases when individuals simply do not respond to it. 

We made sure to present all the reasons why, as well as potential solutions to the problem, which should be helpful. The most important is to buy Modafinil from a reliable vendor, to be careful not to use a poor-quality drug, not to mix it with other supplements and medications, and to pay attention to its dosage.

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