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Modafinil Dosage Information

For people who have found themselves researching cognitive enhancers, otherwise known as nootropics, they have undoubtedly heard or read about Modafinil. Although Modafinil is sometimes lumped between stimulants, it is vital to know that, while it does have stimulative effects, it is, in actuality, a eugeroic drug. Meaning, even though it does possess “energizing” features, it is primarily a wakefulness-promoting substance.

Among various synthetic or natural brain-activity boosters (everything from caffeine to cocaine can be considered as such), the Modafinil pill is considered to be one of the safest, most effective, and relatively low-risk options in the nootropic world. If used with caution, that is.

As with most medications, “the dose makes the poison” principle holds here too, so it is of utmost importance to get informed before opting for a Modafinil dosage.

This article and all other content created by Moda Wiki is for informational purposes only. It is created for your entertainment. This is not legal or medical advice. Always make sure to seek the advice of your primary physician or medical professional before consuming nootropics, like Modafinil, or other pharmaceutical drugs. Please read our disclaimer.

In a lot of countries, Modafinil usage does require a prescription; with a doctor’s note, consumers get detailed instructions on the consumption of any drug, Modafinil included. Depending on the issue the physician wants to address, the patient can get up to Modafinil 500mg or 250 Armodafinil per day.

For example, when it comes to obstructive sleep apnea, the maximum intake quantity should be 400mg Modafinil taken once a day. For Shift Work Sleep Disorder people take 200 mg one hour before their shift starts.

Furthermore, the usual, daily Modafinil dosage for narcolepsy is 200mg or 150mg Armodafinil. The same goes for ADHD, with occasional breaks to hinder long-standing complications. Patients with narcolepsy shouldn’t take days off, because on “modafinil-free” days they will be more likely to experience uncomfortable flare-up symptoms.

Modafinil Overdose: Fact or Fiction?

Overdose on Modafinil is possible when the nootropic is taken in larger amounts than prescribed. A typical Modafinil dose is 200mg, once a day; when a consumer takes more than this amount or combines Modafinil with alcohol and/or other drugs, it can come to an overdose.

The most common symptoms of Modafinil overdose are very similar to any drug overdose, and they include:

  • Nervousness or anxiety
  • Restlessness
  • Agitation
  • Confusion
  • Hallucinations
  • Slow/fast/pounding heartbeat
  • Mild or severe chest pain
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Uncontrollable shaking of a body part
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep

Considering the above, it is essential to stay responsible for your Modafinil dosage. Take it as prescribed and consume as advised. However, if you are taking Modafinil with no prescription, make sure you follow the guidelines of proper consumption anyway.

The Difference Between Armodafinil and Modafinil Dosage

Modafinil and Armodafinil are similar but not the same.

Modafinil is a racemic compound. Racemic compounds are the union of two chemicals (isomers) which are mirror versions of one another. (S)-(+)-modafinil and (R)-(−) Modafinil in combination create Modafinil, also known under its brand name Provigil® or generic versions Modvigil, Modawake by HAB Pharma and Modalert by Sun Pharma.

Modafinil is an active ingredient in both these isomers; however, over time, scientists noticed that R-isomer is slightly stronger. From this one modafinil-isomer, they synthesized an enantiopure compound they called Armodafinil. Today, this medication is officially named Nuvigil®, but unofficially sold and distributed under the names Artvigil or Armodawake (HAB) and Waklert (Sun).

For this reason, the Armodafinil dosage will always be slightly lower than Modafinil mg. It is a “more potent” version of the drug, so equivalent to Modafinil 200mg dosage (which is most common) is 150mg of Armodafinil due to its slightly stronger and quicker effect.

Modafinil dosage for studying, mental focus, productivity, motivation, memory, and other off-label usages is also an aspect of Modafinil usage consumers should understand.

Microdosing Modafinil and Modafinil Duration

Any amount that’s under the therapeutic threshold (lower than 50mg) is considered micro-dosing. These smaller doses deliver the weakest cognitive improvements but are the safest long term.

Some people take 25mg or 50mg in the morning like side-effect-free caffeine replacement and gentle “good morning” kick that lasts 4-6 hours. This is perfect for users with 9-5, Monday to Friday jobs, and those who want to excel at their day jobs without experiencing difficulty falling asleep at night.

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Also, this amount is optimal for people sensitive to stimulants or those who are at the beginning of their nootropic journey. The only downside of this dose is the fact that consumers will have to divide larger dosages of the drug since no pharmaceutical company produces amounts that small. Another option is pulverizing the drug and splitting it into quantities that suit individual patients and then mixing it with a smoothie, juice, or a bit of water.

Whoever is taking Modafinil regularly should stay away from caffeinated drinks, especially if they are just entering the world of nootropics.

The Average or “Usual” Modafinil Dosage 200mg

Or its Armodafinil equivalent of 150mg should keep the consumer intensely focused for 10-12 hours, with minor side-effects like insomnia, headaches, dehydration possible. While these side-effects may occur, they are not very likely.

Since this is the most common dose, there is plenty of research on it, making verification of its safety easier. Besides, it is easy to consume (no dividing or pulverizing necessary to get the desired amount into your system) as most producers make Modafinil 200mg and Armodafinil 150mg pills.

As every consumer is different, it is advised that every patient decides for themselves if a particular dose is too strong for them. If it happens that it is, there is the option of taking 100mg of Modvigil or Modawake instead, or 75mg Artvigil or Armodawake a day. That dosage is right at the cusp of micro-dosing and regular dosage, and many people claim that it “hits the right spot” without causing too many inconveniences.

If it happens the other recommended dosage is not powerful enough, consumers can try taking 300mg of Modafinil or 250 of Armodafinil. However, this dosage is recommended only if a person is an experienced, smart drug user and knows what to expect, how their body usually responds to Modafinil and its interactions.

The Largest Safe Dose is 400mg Modafinil

Stories of people taking larger doses of Modafinil with limited issues are not that uncommon. However, it’s essential to be careful with this nootropic consumption since the risk of Modafinil side-effects and tolerance development rises with its dosage increase and frequent use. Modafinil 400mg or 250mg Armodafinil and beyond are amounts for people short-term use, those who use Modafinil under doctor’s constant supervision and generally people of heavier build.

How Many Mg of Modafinil Should I Take?

That depends on various sets of factors; if a doctor prescribed you Modafinil, stick to the doctor’s prescription and instructions. On the other hand, if you’re using Modafinil for cognitive enhancement, the dosage depends on your frequency of use, your size and reactivity, and your overall health. The recommended dosage for this case is anywhere from 50 to 400mg.

Final Thoughts

All bodies are different, and it’s essential to take that into account when choosing where to buy Modafinil online (or “near me”), and what dosage you should take when it arrives. Some people’s livers are better at breaking down certain chemicals; for some consumers, the effects will last longer; for others, there will be no effect at all. Users should understand that the concentration of Modafinil in one’s bloodstream will build up over time, so it’s essential to take breaks, as much as possible.

With enough time, consumers should discover the right dose for them. Along with the right dosage of Modafinil consumption, drinking plenty of water, eating healthily and sleeping regularly is recommended, as well.

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