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Modafinil and Alcohol Interaction: Is it a Good Idea?

If you are wondering about this subject and asking the question of whether or not you should mix Modafinil with alcohol, there’s no doubt you are a responsible individual who isn’t taking your health for granted. And that’s commendable. That’s why you should know right away that welcoming two very powerful substances at the same time in your body can cause diverse reactions and that some of them may be quite serious. That’s why this topic needs to be processed in detail, and that’s why you need to get a clear answer on how dangerous combining alcohol with this nootropic can be.

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In order to fully understand everything we are about to explain, you need to comprehend what exactly this smart drug is and what are the mechanisms of its actions. So first and foremost, you should know that Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent that was designed in the 1970s in France, with a goal to prevent the feeling of fatigue and daytime drowsiness caused by narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea, and shift work sleep disorder.

But over time, it got to other parts of the world, and people started consuming it for its off-label purposes. Given that intake of Modafinil can lead to enhanced cognitive skills, a high level of alertness and focus, better memory retentions, and increased daily productivity, students, CEOs, and other professionals began using this nootropic whenever they needed additional stimulation and whenever they needed to shake off the daytime sleepiness.

The fact people felt supercharged while on Modafinil made this smart drug a super popular choice in situations when individuals wanted to make sure they are fully committed to their tasks and obligations. Today, Modafinil is by far the most popular and most effective nootropic in the world.

How does alcohol work?

The next step in explaining what can happen when alcohol and Modafinil are being mixed is understanding the way alcohol behaves in our system. The fact is people drink in order to relax, to release the pressure from themselves, and to enjoy social events, and we are pretty much all familiar with what alcohol can do to our body and our mind. In most cases, it is known to be a depressant.

Now, it’s important to underline that alcohol won’t raise the level of our focus, motivation, or alertness, but quite the opposite. Almost nobody can be more productive and functional when under the influence of alcohol. While Modafinil, even though it’s not officially a stimulant, has that sort of effect. So we can conclude that Modafinil and alcohol are two sides of one stick – one is an upper and the other is a downer.

What’s interesting is that both Modafinil and alcohol attack the same neurotransmitters – Glutamate and GABA, but in very different ways. The alcohol will increase the GABA activity and lower the Glutamate production, while the Modafinil will do the opposite, and that can be pretty dangerous.

What happens when mixing Modafinil and alcohol?

The most simple explanation of what happens when combining the most famous nootropic and alcohol is that your brain will be confused. Mixing generic versions or the brand name Provigil and alcohol is not recommended, and it can be very dangerous. As a matter of fact, doctors and experts are always underlining the necessity to avoid taking Modafinil when drinking alcohol.

Now, the problem is no one explains in detail why this isn’t such a good ideal. Yes, we can rely on our common sense and conclude using these two substances at the same time probably isn’t a good idea, but it would be good to know why exactly. There’s a general rule of not mixing prescription drugs and alcohol, so it applies here as well, but that’s pretty much everything you will get as an official statement.

What we managed to conclude is based on two neurotransmitters, both alcohol and this nootropic attack, and the fact we already know they affect them the opposite way. That information per se is pretty valuable, given it allows us to understand how our brain can be exposed to danger if stimulated in two completely different ways at the same time.

Dangers of mixing Modafinil and alcohol

There are several dangerous consequences of combining smart drugs and alcohol, more precisely Modafinil and booze. Here is what we refer to:


Even though most people would expect to feel pretty bad after mixing these two, the fact is some individuals could feel fine. And that’s not a positive thing, believe us, because in that scenario, when there’s only a positive effect of liquor and no negative effect of nootropic, the person could believe he or she can drink even more. Very often, that leads to over-drinking.

Becoming drunk quicker

There are so many reports of people getting drunk way quicker after they took the Modafinil pill. Because of the specific combination of nootropic and alcohol, and specific Modafinil interactions, your body will become drunker and drunker, but your mind won’t register it, and there’s the danger. Also, it is a known fact that Modafinil suppresses the appetite, so when you take this nootropic, you probably won’t feel the urge for food, and later on, you will start drinking, which is why you will get drunk faster than usual.

Getting sick

After mixing alcohol with a regular dosage of Modafinil, some people had serious headaches and terrible hangovers, and some of them were feeling sick days after that. It is not possible to establish whether or not you are going to react that way, which is why the doctors always remind you not to mix alcohol and nootropics. These consequences are pretty serious, and apparently, they can lead to some other problems.

Benefits of combining alcohol and Modafinil

You probably won’t believe this, but there are several benefits of mixing Modafinil with alcohol. Now, that doesn’t mean we or any doctor will recommend mixing these two substances, on the contrary.

Unable to blackout

One of the reasons people take Modafinil is because of its ability to improve our cognitive skills, and that includes our memory. So no matter how much you drink today, if you took the Modafinil pill, you won’t be able to forget anything that happens. Also, it will be close to impossible for you to blackout.

Cure for hangover

Again, this is very much inappropriate and not recommended, but the fact is some people reported taking Modafinil the day after they got really drunk as a cure for a hangover. It sounds crazy, but they claim that within two hours, they usually stop feeling sick or blurry and that their brain becomes super sharp and high on productivity.

Increased alcohol tolerance

For some reason, Modafinil will drastically improve your tolerance to alcohol. You will be able to intake a larger amount of booze without feeling the consequences because the Modafinil will make sure your brain doesn’t register the drunkenness. Even though this isn’t such a good thing, some individuals categorized it as a benefit.

Three most common situations

There are three different ways people combine Modafinil and alcohol. You should know that all three situations will lead to different results.

Drinking the same day after taking Modafinil in the morning

This is definitely the most common situation for people to decide to drink in the evening after they took the daily dosage of Modafinil in the morning. There’s usually a time gap of 12+ hours, so most individuals believe the effect of Modafinil is long gone, but that just isn’t the case. This nootropic can stay in our system for 16 hours, so you will be mixing these two powerful stimulants. In most cases, a person will feel fine, but his or her alcohol tolerance level will go up. Also, there will be higher chances of getting drunk faster due to the lack of appetite the entire day and low food intake.

Drinking the day after you took Modafinil

It’s very easy to get to nootropics, even though most of them are prescription-only drugs. You can buy Modafinil online so easily, so it’s not rare for people to use it often, and in combination with alcohol. When it comes to taking this smart drug one day and drinking the day after, you shouldn’t face any sort of problems or consequences. Given that Modafinil has a half-life of 16 hours, it’s effects will definitely wear off until tomorrow when you start drinking. So there won’t be any side effects to it, no extra hard hangovers or terrible headaches, just the normal ones if you exaggerate with alcohol.

Drinking right after consuming Modafinil

Now, this is the most dangerous scenario because you are exposing your body to both smart drug and alcohol effects at the same time. As a result, you can feel extremely sick at some point, maybe even experience increased heart rate, so the doctors are unanimous in not recommending this combination. Young people often tend to mix Modafinil and booze, given that this nootropic will keep them awake for hours no matter how much they are about to drink.


However you approach this subject, from whatever angle, the conclusion is always the same – it is not smart to mix alcohol and Modafinil. In some cases, consequences may not be severe, the fact is you may not experience them at all, but in others, they can be extremely serious. And the problem is you cannot predict how your body will react on each occasion. So be responsible, use these substances separately, and don’t exaggerate with their intake. You really don’t want to risk facing some dangerous side effects. And also, make sure to always buy this smart drug from a reliable Modafinil vendor. Using untested smart drugs can bring additional danger into the equation.

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