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Flmodafinil Review: Dosage, Side Effects and more

Even if you are a nootropic lover, there is a chance you haven’t heard about Flmodafinil, given that it is a relatively new smart drug that hit the market a few years ago. But it is quite important to get to know it because this smart drug is so full of potential. Some experts claim it even has some advantages compared to Modafinil, like fewer chances of facing side effects, as well as better and longer effectiveness.

Here is what we know about Flmodafinil, its recommended dosages, safety issues, structure and its benefits. Sure, there are things yet to be resolved and explained, but overall, we are talking about a good quality nootropic that can and will meet all your expectations.

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In the most simple words, Flmodafinil is a nootropic very similar to Modafinil, so it is pretty much another wakefulness-promoting agent that’s able to keep your brain free from fatigue and daytime sleepiness, as well as a cognitive enhancer that will keep all your well stimulated regarding your alertness, focus, concentration, motivation, memory retention, etc.

Since we are comparing it to Modafinil, you should know that even though its exact mechanism of action is yet unknown, it has almost the same structure as the most famous nootropic, with the difference of two extra fluoride atoms. That difference is what makes Flmodafinil more powerful and, therefore more often, a more popular choice in the Flmodafinil vs Modafinil battle.

Now, you may use Flmodafinil for its off-label usage, but you should know that it is not classified as a prescription drug at this very moment, so you can get it only online. Bear in mind that you should purchase it only from a reliable Modafinil vendor, the one that will provide you with nothing but the best quality smart drug.

Benefits of Flmodafinil

According to the most Flmodafinil reviews, this nootropic has some great benefits you can always count on. First and foremost, we are talking about great cognitive enhancement, so you will have adequate focus, alertness and concentration boost whenever you need to finish your work in a short time frame or be more productive and efficient. Besides that, this nootropic is proven to be very long-lasting in its effects and very powerful and potent.

It will promote wakefulness in case you have some sort of sleep disorder, it will neutralize some of the regular sleep deprivation effects, and it will increase the level of your energy even if you are fighting daytime fatigue. Also, Flmodafinil will improve your memory retention significantly, which is why so many students are using it during their exams.

Some studies have shown that Flmodafinil can even improve a person’s mood and motivation, which is not something you can expect from every nootropic. But more importantly, it can and will make sure your concentration levels are high and that your focus bar is super increased in order for you to be able to get the job you were supposed to do in time.

Side effects and safety

Just like with all other nootropics you can find in the market, Flmodafinil comes with certain possible side effects. But, the truth is, because of its specific structure and slight differences compared to regular Modafinil, this smart drug will probably cause milder and fewer side effects.

So you may expect to have insomnia, especially if you take Flmodafinil later during the day and not in the early morning hours. In that case, it’s almost certain you will have troubles sleeping, given that Flmodafinil is a very powerful drug. Then, there’s the matter of headache that may or may not happen, but if you drink enough water during the day, you will lower the chances.

Anxiety is also a common side effect of nootropics, but apparently, there are very low chances of you facing it after you take Flmodafinil – several types of research showed that. However, you can expect to have some gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, nausea, constipation or heartburn after consuming this nootropic. Also, decreased appetite is a very common side effect of smart drugs and similar stimulants. But you can prevent all that from happening if you take a smaller Flmodafinil dosage and slowly increase it with time.

Regarding the safety issues, you should be aware of the fact that Flmodafinil is a relatively new drug that’s been subjected to clinical trials for several years only, which means that there cannot be definite claims on this subject yet. According to experts, it should be treated just like Modafinil, given they have almost the same structure.

That indicates avoiding using Flmodafinil together with caffeine or alcohol in order not to face unwanted and more serious side effects; avoid using it by pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding; and avoid using it more than two to three times a week because of its possible habit-forming qualities.

Flmodafinil dosage

When it comes to dosing Flmodafinil, you should know that this specific nootropic is about twice as strong as Modafinil, even though its creator claimed it is four times more powerful smart drug. So based on that, it’s pretty clear that Flmodafinil should be used in smaller doses than Modafinil. In most cases, it would be best to use one quarter to one half of the standard Modafinil dosage.

Up to 25mg per day

The experts suggest beginners start with 12.5 to 25mg of Flmodafinil in order to avoid experiencing any sort of nootropic side effects. Even though it is a pretty small dosage, it can happen it does the job for some people, which is great because that way, they can take it more than three-times a week if needed.

Up to 100mg per day

The intermediate and the most common dosage of Flmodafinil is 50-100mg per day, which is equal to 100-200mg of Modafinil. For most people, it’s the right one given it can provide them with great and long-lasting cognitive enhancement and fatigue absence. Now individuals on this dosage may experience some side effects, but in general, those are not severe cases.

150mg per day or more

Even though some people take 150mg of Flmodafinil from time to time in order to stay awake and focused for more than 24 hours, this dosage is not recommended. It is the same as you are to take 300mg of Modafinil, so side effects are something you definitely can expect, even those severe ones like increased heartbeat, insomnia, or high blood pressure.


If you would like to completely avoid having Flmodafinil side effects while experiencing a constant energy boost, you can try microdosing. That includes taking small amounts of Flmodafinil throughout the entire day, every four to six hours, instead of taking the entire dosage at once in the morning. So we recommend you start with 3-25mg four times a day, with a suggestion to begin with microdosing slowly.

Where to buy Flmodafinil?

We already talked about how to buy Modafinil online, so all we have to add here is that the same rules apply for Flmodafinil. You need to find a reliable vendor that sells nothing but high-quality and tested pills of this nootropic. At this very moment, according to most Flmodafinil users, the best one is science.bio – a website that has two forms of Flmodafinil to offer you. One is powder, and the other one is liquid.

We are talking about an online pharmacy that has very high standards when it comes to products they are offering, but you will have to have an account on it in order to get your package. What you should know is that every product this pharmacy creates will be subjected to third-party analysis, so an independent company will eat the drug and decide on its safety and efficiency.

Flmodafinil vs Modafinil

We pretty much covered all the aspects of Flmodafinil and explained how similar it is to the most popular nootropic Modafinil. But here are some key aspects you should pay attention to:

  • Structure – These two smart drugs have the same structure with the exception of two fluoride units Flmodafinil contains.
  • Side effects – Modafinil users will experience more side effects, according to studies conducted so far.
  • Effects – Flmodafinil is at least twice stronger and more powerful than Modafinil, and it has a longer half-life.
  • Status – While Modafinil is a prescription drug Flmodafinil isn’t, and it can be only bought online.
  • Price – Apparently, Flmodafinil is more expensive than Modafinil.


If you are interested in this nootropic and you would like to buy Flmodafinil, you have our blessing and our recommendation. Even though the studies on this drug are not completed yet, the experts believe it is a safe and very potent nootropic that can provide hours and hours of great cognitive stimulation. 

It seems like Flmodafinil is slowly conquering the market, mostly because it is so similar to Modafinil. What people love about it, especially those experienced nootropic users, is that this drug is stronger than Modafinil and that it can provide longer-lasting results.

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