How to Buy Modafinil in Germany? Modafinil Europe Buyer's Guide

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When it comes to European Union laws, using smart drugs, and therefore Modafinil for personal usage is not forbidden. So if you live in Germany, a country that aligned its regulations to those defined by the EU, you won’t have a problem with finding this nootropic. 

In the lines below, we are going to explain specific steps you will need to take in order to purchase Modafinil in Europe for its on-label and off-label purposes, and we will disclose everything you need to know about this smart drug in general.

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Modafinil is known as the first-ever smart drug that’s proven to be safe for usage. Originally it was made for treating symptoms of sleep disorder like narcolepsy, SWD (Shift work sleep disorder), and obstructive sleep apnea, but it’s often used as a mood and cognitive enhancer because of its ability to improve people’s focus, motivation, alertness, and concentration. 

There are studies that show Modafinil can remove fatigue and daytime sleepiness, which is why students and ambitious professionals tend to consume it regularly. Also, doctors sometimes prescribe it for ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). It is a wakefulness-promoting agent that can make your life much easier and productive if taken in adequate dosage by healthy individuals. 

Scientists are not yet sure how exactly this smart drug works, but they do know it increases the level of dopamine and histamine in our brain. It is a powerful stimulant that will make you hyper-productive for the next 12 to 16 hours.

Is Modafinil Legal in Germany?

The usage of pharmaceutical medications such as Modafinil in Germany is regulated by several agencies that are focused on this country locally, but also on the rest of the European Union. According to these regulations, Modafinil is defined as a prescription-only drug. That means that in order to legally buy Modafinil in Germany, you will have to visit a doctor and get his approval in the form of a prescription. 

You will get one for sure in case you are struggling with narcolepsy and excessive sleepiness disorders, which will lead to you purchasing this drug in any pharmacy in this country. But when it comes to its off-label usage for cognitive enhancement, you won’t be able to get it over-the-counter.

Now, this doesn’t mean you cannot buy Modafinil at all. There are online vendors you can turn to. And regarding how Modafinil is categorized in most European countries, you won’t have a problem possessing it, but only if it’s attended for personal usage. 

You should know that all pharmaceutical drugs in Germany are regulated by Bundesinstitut Fur Arzneimittel Und Medizinprodukt, so if you want to get more information about nootropic usage, you can find it on their site. But when it comes to the question – is Modafinil legal in Germany, the answer is yes, and no, it’s in a gray area of the law like in most other countries


Are there any Side Effects and Precautions?

During all the years Modafinil is in usage a great number of studies have been conducted. And the conclusion is always the same – this nootropic is safe for usage if taken by overall healthy individuals for several medical conditions. It is proven it can be an effective drug for dealing with extensive sleepiness, but just like with any other medication, there are some side-effects that can show its face from time to time.

The most common ones are insomnia, dizziness, nausea, headache, diarrhea, dry mouth, and dehydration, but the fact is they usually last very shortly and can be managed easily. Also, there are some ways you can influence the intensity or the presence of these side effects. 

For example, if you take Modafinil early in the morning, you probably won’t experience insomnia due to the fact it will be effective for 12 to 16 hours maximum. On the other hand, if you don’t take an inappropriately large dosage and don’t mix it with alcohol, the headache or the dizziness most likely won’t appear.

There are several reports of Modafinil leading to chest pain, increased blood pressure, difficulty breathing, or severe skin rash, but according to research, these side effects are extremely rare. However, if you experience one of them, seek emergency help right away. And bear in mind that these studies were based on Modafinil usage for its on-label purposes. 

There are only a few of them that were focused on the side effects of this drug when taken for fatigue removal or for mood and cognitive enhancement. And let’s not forget to say that Modafinil is a non-addictive medication that has a low risk of abuse.

How to Get a Prescription?

Getting a prescription for Modafinil in Germany is not that easy. You will have to have some serious problems caused by narcolepsy or some other sleep disorders in order for your doctor to prescribe this drug as a medication you can use. But your statement regarding this matter won’t be enough. 

The doctor will probably demand you to take some tests or to stay overnight in order to be observed. As you probably know, narcolepsy can cause excessive sleepiness, or sleep paralysis, and sometimes even hallucinations. On the other hand, obstructive sleep apnea can lead to breathing problems during the time you are unconscious, so doctors will be ready to prescribe Modafinil for treating these conditions. 

When it comes to shift work sleep disorder, tests cannot be conducted, so there are chances you will get to this nootropic more easily. But doctors tend to ask for your employee confirmation you really do work in shifts and that this lifestyle can affect your wakefulness and safety in the workplace.

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Where to Buy Modafinil Online in Germany?

Now, if you wonder where to buy Modafinil in Germany, you should know that you have two options. The first one is to go to the local pharmacy, but only if you have a doctor’s prescription. In case you don’t, they won’t sell you this nootropic because they won’t risk getting fired or having to pay huge fines. 

So we come to the second solution – you can turn to online vendors who do not care if you have a prescription or not. They will be willing to send you their products from any part of the world, as long as you are ready to pay for it. But be careful, the market is full of Modafinil shops that have untested and low-quality generic drugs. 

That’s why you should choose only those vendors who are known to be trustworthy and reliable, like these three we are now going to present to you now.

Buy Moda

buy moda logoBuy Moda is one of the most popular online stores where you can find high-quality Modafinil at pretty low prices. They often have great discounts, and they ship in a record time. You will probably have to wait around seven days for this smart drug to get to your doorstep, but maybe even less than that, depending on where the store is sending the package from. 

Buy Moda guarantees their delivery, which means either you will get what you ordered, or you will be given a full money refund. You also have the possibility of choosing the reshipment, which will be free of charge. This vendor has great customer support service, which will be at your disposal 24/7, all 365 days a year. 

Their operators are very friendly and professional, so you will get explanations and answers to your questions whenever you need them. They will provide you with a significant number of payment options, and in case you decide to pay for the product using Bitcoin, you will get a 20% discount.

Modafinil XL

modafinil xl vendor logoIf you want to buy Modafinil online, this is another place you can turn to. Modafinil XL is also a super reliable online vendor who will offer you great generic Modafinil for a reasonable price. They are not the cheapest online pharmacy, but with discounts that are pretty often there, you can save a lot of money if you choose them to be your vendor. 

This site also guarantees their delivery, so you will most definitely get your package on time. But if you don’t you can ask for a refund or reshipment at any time. One thing people most love about Modafinil XL is the fact they are willing to send first-time customers free samples of Modafinil, so you can test it out and decide whether or not you want to place a regular order. 

For all purchases larger than $150, they will give you free and express shipping. Usually, it takes up to five days for the package to get to you. They, too, have excellent customer service and very professional personnel.


Dino-Supplies logoWhen you want to order Modafinil online in Europe, but more precisely in Germany, you can definitely go with Dino Supplies. It is a pretty popular online pharmacy that ships anywhere in the world and contains high-quality generic Modafinil. With them, your delivery will be guaranteed, so logically you will have a full money refund or reshipment options if your package doesn’t get to you for whatever reason. 

They are one of the rare vendors that have cheap sample packs available, which is a huge plus since you can first try their product and then decide whether or not you would like to order a larger amount of this drug that’s pretty expensive in general. Dino Supplies accepts most regular payment methods, but also a Bitcoin. 

They will even encourage you to use this cryptocurrency by giving you a 20% discount on that transfer. The customer service of this store is another great surprise you can expect, given their staff is very friendly and professional.

Modafinil Alternatives in Germany

Even though the possession of Modafinil is not illegal in Germany, we understand if you don’t feel comfortable enough with that situation and would prefer purchasing some other similar smart drug that has totally legal status in the eyes of the law. That’s why we are going to tell you now what is the best prescription-free Modafinil alternative you can currently find in the market. 

We find Mind Lab Pro to be an ideal substitution for Modafinil because it is also a smart drug that has the ability to increase your cognitive functions tremendously. So if you prefer staying away from the gray area of the law and going with the safest possible option, even though we guarantee you should not be worried about buying Modafinil in Germany, this is the drug you can go with instead. 

But bear in mind that it’s not as strong as Modafinil. It won’t improve your alertness and focus for the next 12 but only six to eight hours, but on the other hand, it won’t cause any side effects.

What about the Shipping?

When we are talking about ordering Modafinil from online vendors, you should know that possessing this drug for personal use is not considered to be a crime in Europe or Germany in this matter and that there are no reports of people ever having problems with the law or being arrested for that. 

We recommended vendors that are willing to ship their products to this country, and even better, they guarantee the delivery, so you really don’t have to worry about it. You will have zero risks when ordering from one of them. When it comes to other online stores, we cannot guarantee them.

The Verdict? Germany Edition

German people purchase and use Modafinil all the time for its off-label effects like mood and cognitive enhancement or fatigue or daytime sleepiness removal. If you live in this country and you want to buy this nootropic, you have two options – to purchase it in local pharmacies, but only if you have a prescription, or online if you don’t. 

Either way, you can get a high-quality Modafinil without any problem. The truth is people tend to use online vendors for this matter even when they do have a prescription because it can come much cheaper. It’s just important which vendor to turn to in order not to be scammed or served with an untested and unreliable drug.