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The Best Nootropics (Smart Drugs) in 2021

Chances you still haven’t heard about smart drugs, and all their benefits are so low that it almost sounds impossible, which is why we won’t bother explaining it all over again from scratch, but we will layout a thorough guide through the most popular and by fare best nootropics you can currently find in the market.

We are here going to talk about the best smart drugs for both beginners and experienced users, and we are going to select them based on several criteria. Also, we will tell you straight on which one of them is worth the money and which are safe for usage. So take some time to go through the lines that follow if you want to be up to date and well informed.

One thing is for sure – nootropics are conquering the world by providing students, ambitious CEOs and other professional executives with great cognitive enhancement. But the main problem is an overall insufficient education of smart drug users about their mechanism of action, their structure, expected side effects, and potential consequences.

That’s the reason why you should stay on this page and continue reading – for your own good. Nootropics can be awesome if you use them properly and if you choose the right one for you. So here is what you need to know.

This article and all other content created by Moda Wiki is for informational purposes only. It is created for your entertainment. This is not legal or medical advice. Always make sure to seek the advice of your primary physician or medical professional before consuming nootropics, like Modafinil, or other pharmaceutical drugs. Please read our disclaimer.

Before we start analyzing which nootropic is better, stronger, more potent, healthier, etc., let us remind you about several most important things regarding smart drugs in general. So in most common sense, nootropics are drugs, supplements and other similar substances that have the ability to enhance our cognitive skills, focusing on memory retention, alertness, concentration and motivation improvement.

They are working like a magic wand – in a short time, after you take a smart drug pill, you will experience brain-boosting that can be sometimes smooth, and on other occasions, depending on the smart drug type, pretty sudden and rashly.

Nootropics are mostly used by students who need to be extremely focused on their studying during exam periods and among working professionals in many fields who need to stay on top of their assignments and deliver outstanding performance. And that’s because these pharmaceuticals are proven to provide between six to 15 hours of intense overall cognitive enhancement on average.

Some people even claim smart drugs are something like steroids for the mind that can increase our intelligence, make us more efficient, smarter, more creative, and more aware of our abilities. Also, in most cases, they will improve a person’s mood, which is another benefit smart drug lovers enjoy.

How to choose the best nootropic?

In order to know which nootropic is the best option for you, in particular, you need to know what your exact goals in this matter are and to do thorough research before you start popping pills. We wanted to make it all more simple for you, which is why we divided the best nootropics in 2021 into several categories. It is not the same if a person had experience with these sorts of drugs before or not, if they want just a small stimulation or a powerful effect, or if they prefer spending a smaller amount of money on nootropics. Just stay with us and see for yourself how we categorized the most popular smart drugs in the world.

Top two nootropics in 2021

For starters, we will tell you fair and square, which are by far the two best nootropics you can currently find in the market in any country. There are so many reasons why they are selected and singled out, and we are going to present to you all the benefits that come with them. We are talking about Modafinil, of course, the world’s most famous smart drug for years now, and about a Mind Lab Pro, which is the super popular natural made nootropic people are starting to seriously fall in love with.


The most important reason Modafinil is on our number one spot and presents the most recommended nootropic in the world is because it’s pretty much the most powerful and most potent smart drug you can find. But also, and let’s not forget about that fact as well, it’s one of the safest nootropics that won’t endanger a healthy individual in any manner if it’s being consumed the right way and at the right dosage.

Modafinil is a wakefulness-promoting agent that’s primarily designed for treating symptoms of several sleep disorders, among which are obstructive sleep apnea, narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorder, but for years it’s been used off-label as a mood and cognitive enhancer that has some outstanding results. There is no doubt that among all nootropics, Modafinil is by far the most promising one and every person who ever used it will testify to that.

Modafinil has the ability to make you super focused on your tasks for 12+ hours, to improve your memory retention capacity dramatically, and to affect your concentration, alertness and motivation in the best possible way. Besides that, it will remove the feeling of fatigue and daytime drowsiness that prevents you from being more productive and more efficient.

The consumption of Modafinil is followed by pretty mild side effects, so you may experience some headache, insomnia, dizziness, light nausea, maybe increased heart rate, diarrhea, or dehydration, but there are ways and tricks you can apply in order to prevent some of them – if you take Modafinil in the early morning hours you won’t face insomnia, for example.

This nootropic doesn’t have an addictive nature and potential, but it can be abused, especially if it’s being consumed together with alcohol. Also, if you are not careful with how often and in what manner you take these pills, you can create a tolerance to them. Be aware that Modafinil is a prescription-only drug in most countries and that you want to be able to purchase it in any local pharmacy without a doctor’s note. However, here is how to buy Modafinil online practical guide that should be helpful, as well as a suggestion to purchase it only from a recommended vendor like BuyModa.

Mind Lab Pro

Another best selling nootropic is definitely Mind Lab Pro, which is a great over the counter smart drug made totally from natural ingredients. This means you can buy Mind Lab Pro in pretty much any pharmacy all around the world without a prescription. That makes it a legitimate nootropic you won’t be having troubles getting.

Even though most people would think this pharmaceutical isn’t as powerful and potent as Modafinil or some other nootropic, the truth is that it can keep your brain highly boosted for hours. No, you won’t be under the influence of this drug for as long as with Modafinil, but it will keep you covered for the next eight hours for sure.

But if we are being honest, we cannot expect more from a standard over the counter drug – it simply cannot be extremely stimulative like other prescription-only pharmaceuticals. The good thing, though, is that you can expect this ride to be very smooth. You won’t feel that sudden rush of adrenaline that may make you quite uncomfortable, and that’s thanks to the combination of 11 special ingredients Mind Lab Pro is made of.

According to people who used this medication for quite some time, Mind Lab Pro has the ability to truly enhance all cognitive skills in a person. Their focus, motivation, mood, memory retention, as well as concentration, were dramatically improved. But the best thing about this substance lies in the fact it can affect your creative process and impulses, and it can help you find it in you even if you had troubles in that aspect before.

Other powerful nootropics

Besides Modafinil and Mind Lab Pro, there is a great number of strong and potent nootropics you can use in order to improve your cognitive skills. Here are the ones we believe are worthy of mentioning:


You are probably familiar with the fact Armodafinil is an actual Modafinil’s cousin who is equally good, a smart drug you can always use as a substitute to the world’s most famous nootropic. We are talking about a pharmaceutical that has pretty much the same mechanism of action but slightly different effects, the one you can buy at pretty much any online platform like ModafinilXL vendor is.

The first thing you should know is that Armodafinil is a bit stronger than Modafinil. If you are used to taking 200mg of Modafinil, you shouldn’t go with more than 150mg or Armodafinil, for instance. It will start working as fast as Modafinil, and it will provide you with the same cognitive enhancement but with a bigger brain boost feeling and more intense sensation.

The difference is, Modafinil is usually used when a person wants to be stimulated this way for the next 12 to 15 hours, while Armodafinil is a better solution in situations when an individual wants to make sure the effect of a smart drug will fade until the night time in order for them to maintain their sleep schedule normal. Its working time is 10 to 12 hours, which is just enough for you to do the work and sleep well later on.

And another benefit of Armodafinil, when you compare it to Modafinil, which is inevitable, is the fact its users have lower chances of facing side effects. Yes, there can be some headache, dizziness, insomnia, nausea, diarrhea, dehydration and anxiety, but it’s generally very rare for people who take Armodafinil to face any of that. Also, more serious side effects like irregular heartbeat or shortness of breath are extremely rare.

Qualia Mind

One of the best nootropics smart pills, according to research we did in the last couple of months, is definitely Qualia Mind. It is another powerful over the counter smart drug you can rely on to provide you with better focus, high alertness, great motivation and constant concentration. Qualia Mind users also talk about possessing a laser-like drive and a tunnel vision with no distractions.

Even though this nootropic is not as famous or as popular as Modafinil, it is an impressive smart drug that’s just waiting for you to discover it. It’s built from 28 different ingredients that are complementing each other very well, which is the reason it’s so potent. Some smart drug lovers claim it is the best over the counter nootropic you can currently find in the market.

It works really fast – it will take only 20 minutes after you swallow the pill for it to start doing its thing. And depending on your metabolism, you will feel its effects for a couple of hours to a couple of days, but that’s pretty rare. You cannot expect it to give you a 12+ hours cognitive boost, but it will do the work for the next six hours for sure.

The biggest issue with this pharmaceutical is its price. According to many complaints its users made, Qualia Mind is a very expensive nootropic. On average, you will spend around $120 to $140 on a monthly Qualia Mind supply, given you are taking one pill a day, which is a lot given you can get a three-month supply of good generic Modafinil for the same amount.


Now, you may not have heard about a Flmodafinil because it is a pretty young and fresh nootropic that just recently joined the team, but it’s definitely worth mentioning given its power, its persistence, and its effects. Apparently, this is a pharmaceutical that presents a derivative of Modafinil, which means it is developed form Modafinil, but with certain adaptations and possible improvements.

Even though research is still being conducted about Flmodafinil effects, based on its structure and possibly better bioavailability than the one Modafinil has, we can claim that this smart drug is very much effective and that it will provide some awesome brain-boosting in the matter of cognitive enhancement.

According to people who use it, even in small doses, Flmodafinil will dramatically increase your alertness and focus, it will help you with motivation and concentration, and it will make sure you memorize things faster and way better. But given that it is more potent than Modafinil, you shouldn’t be using more than 50mg of it per day.

The great thing about it is there are almost no side effects to it, and when they are, they are pretty mild. It’s a unique nootropic that’s yet to be subjected to a lot of testing, but for now, it sounds really promising. But bear in mind that it comes with a pretty short half-life and that you can expect it to be working only for the six to eight hours straight. For now, that’s the biggest downside of Flmodafinil.

Affordable nootropics

But how powerful nootropics are isn’t the only criteria we based our review on. There is also the matter of a budget we took into consideration when making a selection of the best nootropics in 2021, so here is which ones are effective and cheap at the same time.

Gorilla Mind Rush

First, let’s talk about a Gorilla Mind Rush – a very powerful and intense nootropic that has quite a reputation. It’s actually the only fully legal smart drug besides the Mind Lab Pro that can truly be compared to Modafinil or Armodafinil when it comes to their potency. But according to experts, you may feel a bit jittery after taking this product, so it won’t be the best choice for nootropic newbies.

On the other hand, if you are used to smart drugs and the effects they may cause, you will be thrilled with Gorilla Mind Rush because it can and will provide you with an outstanding cognitive enhancement – your focus, memory and motivation to work will be tremendously improved instantly.

It’s just important to be prepared to feel a great rush and high level of mental clarity, so you can handle it properly and enjoy the ride it has to offer. However, the best part about this nootropic is its price, so not only is Gorilla Mind Rush an excellent brain booster, but it comes really cheap, so even people with a limited budget can afford it.

Now, people who prefer the effect of smart drugs to be smooth and light probably won’t be thrilled with Gorilla Mind Rush, but the fact is this smart drug has its loyal customers, and it continuously justifies their trust. If you decide to try it, you can expect to feel its effect for the next eight to nine hours.


Another cheap and affordable smart drug we will present you is Neuro-Peak, a great alternative to Gorilla Mind Rush, especially if you don’t like that sudden brain power you are about to experience with this previously mentioned nootropic. Neuro-Peak is a lighter version of this smart drug.

It’s been reported that Neuro-Peak can provide around six hours of clean brain power presented through a high level of focus, improved memory retention, and better concentration on daily tasks. It is an often choice for students who are on a budget but in need of help in order to pass the exam period with success.

The other benefit of this pharmaceutical lies in the fact it comes with very few to none side effects which is a great advantage, especially when it comes to people who are afraid of what consequences smart drug use may lead to.

Overall, this is by far the best nootropic for beginners who are not in a position or willing to spend much money on this, given that Neuro-Peak is really cheap but also pretty mild in the potency sector. It won’t give you an outstanding brain boost, but it will help you with your focus and allow you to finish your task much faster than usual.

Other good over the counter nootropics

Now here are several other 100% legal over the counter nootropics you can find in pretty much any local pharmacy, no matter where you live. You don’t need a prescription for them, so you don’t have to explain why is that you need this drug. Their effects are well known and approved, so you really don’t have anything to worry about.


Okay, we already said that our favorite over the counter nootropic is Mind Lab Pro, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other’s that can provide you with what you need from a pharmaceutical of this kind. Adrafinil is one of the well known smart drugs that’s pretty similar to Modafinil when it comes to its effects, given that it is an actual prodrug that metabolizes into Modafinil inside the liver.

We are talking about a supplement that will make sure you memorize things way better and faster, but also that you are fully concentrated and focused on what you are doing. There are no distractions and problems with motivation with this pharmaceutical.

But you should bear in mind that Adrafinil is not as strong as Modafinil. It’s a lighter version of nootropic that can keep you well stimulated for six to eight hours straight, without any sudden and overwhelming effects. It will also remove the feeling of daytime drowsiness and fatigue.

So it is a quite good nootropic as well as cheap. That’s the reason so many college students are using it regularly during exam time. You should just know that Adrafinil is not legal in the USA and Australia, so if you live there, you will either have to have a prescription for it or think about buying an alternative.

Alpha Brain

This is a nootropic not everyone loves because of its low potency, so many smart drug users won’t even recommend it to you. However, we believe it should be on this list because it has some good qualities and great benefits when used as it should.

Alpha Brain is not a nootropic you will reach for when you need to have your brain boosted for the next 10 to 12 hours, but if you want to do the work and you need to be fully concentrated on it for the next three to six hours, then this is the drug you should use.

It’s pretty clear that it’s not nearly as strong as Modafinil or Mind Lab Pro and that it won’t have as powerful results, but you sure can count on that to happen. Alpha Brain will increase your focus levels, and it will make you more productive and efficient.

Apparently, even though there are some sceptics, Alpha Brain is categorized as one of the best nootropics for beginners who need to be introduced to this smart drug world slowly and easily. The great thing about it is that there almost aren’t any side effects, which means you can get up in the morning, take your pill, do the work, and then relax without any consequences.

Nootropics for beginners

The last category on our list is the one focused on basic nootropics that aren’t shaped as pills – coffee and nicotine gum. They aren’t as powerful and strong as all these previously mentioned smart drugs, but they sure can help you stay on top of your daily tasks.


Coffee is the oldest nootropic in the world, and we pretty much all consume it on a daily basis. There is no doubt that caffeine has the ability and the power to affect our mind, and more precisely, our cognitive skills. The best thing about it is that coffee is available to everyone, it’s safe for usage and completely legal everywhere in the world.

We are talking about a nootropic that has the capacity to wake us up quickly and help us focus and stay alert. No, it’s not the strongest or the most potent nootropic, quite the opposite, though, but it is available and enjoyable to drink. That’s why most people have their own rituals that are based on consuming coffee.

The bottom line is – if you need stimulation, a push, an extra cognitive enhancement during the day, you can simply drink a cup of coffee and ride on its effects. It is recommended to drink no more than three cups a day, but nothing terrible will happen if you overstep this boundaries from time to time.

Nicotine gum

Okay, we are not going to recommend consuming cigarettes that we all know are bad for our health, but we do have to say that nicotine is proven to be a very potent nootropic. Luckily we don’t have to smoke it in order to consume it since we now have nicotine gums that can offer us all the benefits of nicotine without endangering us.

Nicotine gum can affect our cognitive skills in several different ways – by improving our focus and attention span, by providing better memory functions, especially those episodic ones, and by elevating our motor skills. Overall, they can help us stay on top of our assignments and do the work on time.

Of course, we cannot claim that nicotine gums are nearly as powerful or effective as some of the smart drugs we talked about, but they are good stimulants for beginners who aren’t used to taking anything stronger. The good thing is that there is no harm in trying to use them for some time.

How safe are nootropics?

After we have established what are the best nootropics in 2021, we should definitely talk a little bit about how safe they actually are and are they in a position to endanger our health. After all, nootropics are pharmaceuticals of the modern age that are not used for treating diseases or for classic stimulative effects, but for their ability to improve our cognition and help us increase our performance level.

So first, you need to understand that all of the products we mentioned above are perfectly safe and tested and that they shouldn’t do any harm to healthy individuals. Certainly, it is crucial to use them in a responsible manner, the right way and at the right dosage.

We assure you all of these smart drugs will do the work, but there are some side effects you may expect to happen. They are, in most cases, mild, and sometimes there are things you can do to prevent them from happening, but again, there are no guarantees you won’t face any of them.

The thing is, each body is built differently, our brain chemistry is not the same, so there are no strict rules you can follow in order to completely avoid the side effects of these drugs. Our best advice in that matter is to start slowly, with small dosages, and see how your body will react. If there are no headaches, dizziness, nausea, anxiety feeling, problems with insomnia, increased heart rate or high blood pressure, you will be just fine.

Bear in mind that most smart drug users experience very few to zero side effects and that most of them have a very low addiction rate. So really, there is no reason for you to worry that much. If you do everything right, you will be in a position to face only nootropic benefits and to enjoy the ride.


As you can see, our best nootropics in the 2021 list is pretty diverse and interesting. We wanted to make sure there’s something for everyone as long as the product is safe and effective. Sure, not all of them are equally strong and potent, and not all of them will give you 12+ hours of improved cognition, but that wasn’t the point in the first place. 

Some of them are great for beginners who haven’t faced smart drugs before, and some are ideal for experienced individuals who are looking for long term brain-boosting. Some are quite cheap and affordable, and others can be pretty expensive. 

The bottom line is, the world of nootropics is evolving as we speak because the market is constantly growing, and there are now more products of this kind than ever before. It’s up to you to find the right one, and we hope you will find this guide of ours quite helpful.

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