Who are we, what is our mission and how can you reach us

Simply put, we are a group of enthusiasts who decided to tackle a serious matter of providing precise, verified and unbiased information relating to use, effects, dosage and interactions of Modafinil.

During our university studies we have met firsthand with Modafinil (and its various brands) and modalities of use that are not always clinically approved (see Interactions section for details). In our search for complete and clear information we found many plagiarized, poorly translated, erroneous and straight incorrect articles regarding Modafinil, that didn’t match our experiences.

Therefore, we decided to take it upon ourselves to fix this situation. Now, ModaWiki serves as beacon of truth and clarity among sea of haphazardly compiled texts and biased opinions. 

You are free to reach out to us with any questions at contact@modawiki.com